MY HERO is an international campaign that gives everyone a unique opportunity to say a public thank you to those special people who make our lives better, richer, warmer.

We all know people who deserve recognition and everyone nominated will receive a prestigious personalised certificate in recognition of their efforts and achievements.

We will also print your recommendations on our website – and plant a tree in the names of you and your nominees to help the environment for generations to come.

This is the perfect way to show your respect for all those in the NHS, for example, and all those other healthcare workers and volunteers as they strain every sinew to help every one of us during this desperate coronavirus emergency. 

We want to give you the chance to pay tribute to them individually,

but MY HERO nominations are NOT
restricted to health workers.

You might want to reward a friendly postman, a helpful neighbour, a shop that gives particularly good service – or just your best friend who is always there when needed.

They all deserve our gratitude and praise, and this is your unique opportunity to honour them:

your chance to let them know that you care about them just as much as they care for us.

The MY HERO campaign is orchestrated by
The Green Organisation, already well established at the forefront of promoting social responsibility among companies and communities; which is why we will be planting trees to endorse your nominations and help the environment.

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(Listed in order of submission)

Anne is a nurse at Frimley Park hospital. She is a post operative care nurse now looking after Covid-19 patients.

Sophie is a medical student at Manchester medical school. She is home now in Hampshire and working at the local care home in Hindhead, Surrey.

Kathryn Mary is a dedicated NHS frontline worker.  She is currently an advanced practitioner at the North East Ambulance Service and prior to that she worked in the A & E department at the University Hospital of North Durham and also as an advanced practitioner at a local doctor’s surgery.

She is married and has two children.  Kathryn is at the forefront in the care and transportation of very sick people to their local hospitals.  She is calm in the face of adversity, she is very caring and patients put their trust in her to help them.  Kathryn is  truly dedicated and always works over and above her normal hours to help patients and colleagues alike.  After finishing her shifts in A & E she would go up to the wards to make sure the patients she had looked after in A & E were ok.  At the present time she is first to the patients home to tend to them and assess their situation, and although she  has said,  herself and colleagues do not have enough of the vital safety equipment, this does not stop them dealing with patients who have Covid 19.  Staying with them in the home, until they can be safely transported to hospital.

Kathryn’s present job means that she does not know what she is going to be faced with at each call, this can be violent people, life or death situations, treating a child just like her own at home which really hits home, an elderly person just like her own mother.  Kathryn’s motto is treat people as if they are your own family showing compassion, bravery and dignity to the patient.

Even though she is tired both physically and emotionally after every shift, she does not let her children see this and she ensures once she is at home, she is Mum.  Before the social distancing, she would take her son every weekend to swimming galas around the north east and also take her daughter to dance and drama lessons as well as helping out at the dance group.

Kathryn has a good sense of humour and this helps her survive in this tough profession.  She really is an asset and a gem in the NHS and I would love her to gain the recognition she deserves for putting her on life at risk each and every day

Alan has continued his role as caretaker of a block of flats which houses the elderly. He has worked all weekends and days to ensure that the flats remain clean, tidy and in use. He has completed all this without questioning and as part of doing so has had to isolate himself from his family.

Leanne is a SEN teaching assistant and as part of this key role she still continues to go into work to look after the children of other essential key workers. She volunteered to go on a rota to continue working and has offered to complete additional extra days as well.

A diligent, knowledgeable and approachable member of the team she has been pivotal in changing the culture and ethos of the business in a positive manner.

I am nominating my HSQE Manager, Sonia Jamieson, for an award.

Some of the successes that Sonia has achieved include;

Becoming HSQE Manager – Following her line manager leaving the HSQE department was two people (Sonia +1) and an apprentice. The other member of the team then left the business to relocate leaving Sonia and the apprentice. Through further training, planning & leadership Sonia has taken on the role of HSQE Manager, changing the department in a seismic way. Procedures have been reviewed, amended and reissued to all departments. Accountability and responsibility has been changed, discussed and agreed with policies being updated to show these structural changes. New reporting has been put into place and is being issued to the Board for discussion and action. 

Challenging colleagues – This is always completed in a respectful and polite manner but with the best interests of the company at heart. Through persistence, hard work and showing that she has the knowledge she has gained the respect and trust of many of the members of staff that were stuck in their ways. This had led to colleagues changing their approach to matters, the business becoming more efficient and costs being saved.

Maintaining the ISO accreditations for 9001, 14001 & 18001 throughout two different audits – this was with very little training after the manager that previously looked after this element left the business. She has not only completed the audits but has also raised awareness of the ISO, its procedures and it’s benefits to the wider business. Through an initiative of reintroducing the ISO, updating & streamlining the procedures and renaming the non-conformances as business improvements she has enabled ‘buy in’ from the bottom up as well as leadership from the top down.

Mentoring & training an assistant – an existing apprentice has been trained to become the HSQE assistant. A training plan was created, agreed and funding secured for it. This was then delivered via her hard work and determination often putting her own workload to one side to train & develop the individual, then working over to complete her own workload. 

Employee wellbeing – Sonia was pivotal in setting up a FIR (Fairness Inclusion and Respect) scheme at the company and after presenting to the Board secured approval for three members of the team to become FIR Ambassadors undertaking a training course. She is also action on other projects that are being introducing into the company including mental health awareness and an employee benefits scheme.

Social value – After becoming a Construction Ambassador Sonia has helped to change the ethos of the company by taking part in many and various schemes within the local community. These are sometimes out of work hours but always take planning which normally has to be completed after the ‘day job’ has finished. Some of this inspiring projects include taking part in Bradford Manufacturing week, talks at schools/universities/colleges/academies, mock interviews with students to get them ‘work ready’, advising careers advisors on the different roles within the construction industry so that they can accurately advise their students, completing construction skills workshops with students, attending events like GCAT (Give Construction A Try) to present to students to explain about the industry & the great opportunities within it and working with a SEN school in Bradford to enter the Considerate Constructors Big Build Scheme – the school came runner up within the national competition and made it into the magazine!

At any of the sponsorship or charity fund raising events Sonia is always present, taking part and getting other people involved. A great example of this was the Bradford Dragon Boat race which we came 4th in (GB’s under 18’s dragon boat team came first and the Army’s Dragon Boat team cane 2nd so we are saying we came 2nd as a non-professional team!). Sonia was there proactively influencing and encouraging the team before the races, was shouting & screaming throughout the race whilst paddling and gave pep talks in between the races. She has signed up to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks in May with all the proceeds going to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and has managed to convince me to sign up as well!

Along with the monetary benefits she has brought to Cardinal through more efficient & effective ways of working she has also changed the very culture & ethos of the business making it a better more harmonious place to work.

Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and enlightening which is one of the (many) things that stands her out from others in the company and has led to other females within the company, and at other companies, informing me that she has had a positive influence on their careers and lives. 

Everyone at Cardinal would say that she is an amazing woman with boundless energy who is an asset to the business. I think that she deserves to win an accolade to recognise and celebrate this continued positive impact that she has however I feel that Cardinal, as a company, are already a winner as we have her working with us!

Vikki is a great friend, a dedicated wife to Dave, and loving Mum to Emily and Rebecca. She puts everyone before herself and has such a caring personality. She has been there for me when I’ve needed someone to just listen.

As a GP and at the anniversary of her beloved Fathers passing, i know this will be a very difficult time for Vikki, and i just want her to know how much joy and happiness she brings to her Family, Friends and Patients. She is in her own right a Hero

Kay is the Director of Clinical Services at the Mary Ann Evans Hospice.

When she realised the extent of the growing issues with COVID-19 she quickly co-ordinated the temporary redesign all of the hospice’s clinical provision and directed all of our efforts into working alongside the NHS in the local community. Hospice based clinical staff were redeployed into community services. This service is able to respond to urgent calls for help from end of life/palliative patients and families and aims to keep patients at home in the community reducing burden on other emergency services and acute settings.

Kay remains in close communication with our NHS partners and is constantly revising and reviewing the joint approach to care provision to maximise impact and help where it is needed most. 

Kay has worked tirelessly to acquire the necessary PPE for our staff to ensure their safety and is available 24/7 for any queries or concerns.

Kay offers those working with her passion, stability, inspiration and above all, support.

Invaluable work at the frontline whilst the virus hits the uk and having to leave the kids well done from us all.

As part of the highways maintenance contract our street cleansing teams are out an keeping the streets clean. They litter pick, sweep the roads, wash the precinct areas deals with excess flytips and empty excess of 200 litter bins and dog bins. Considering they are low paid staff they are doing extra such as reporting any issues and hazards in the network (as the inspection for roads are minimised). They dont only keep the streets clean but also keep the street safe. It should be well recognised internally and externally

I would like to nominate Michael for a my Hero award as he is usually the one nominating others and he deserves recognition too.

Michael supports me in all aspects of my Job role, he listens when I’m having a down day, he offers me advise when i need it, he buys me lunch if I’ve left mine at home. He makes a joke if i need cheering up, he encourages me when i don’t believe i can accomplish something, then hes the first to praise me and showcase my accomplishment. Michael makes the workplace a happier place to be for myself and others and i want to thank him and show my appreciation for this with this award.

The Materials Management Team at Stockport NHS Foundation Trusts are doing a fantastic job in ensuring the Trust has all the supplies required, they are going above and beyond.

We take our hats off to the valuable NHS workers, and all front line workers in this difficult time, however I would like to add this young man to that list, who is definitely one of our unsung key workers.

Cory is the only cleaner left on our site, as we had to furlough 18 other cleaners due to COVID 19 outbreak. with near to one million square feet of shopping mall to maintain, this young man has shown fantastic resilience to change, and I take my hat off to him.

He is single handedly making sure that the 41 Security officers on sites, welfare is of paramount priority, this also includes any visiting retailers, and senior managers that are still operating

he ensures that all the welfare facilities are kept in a pristine condition, and that all sanitised areas are also replenished, including all consumables, so that our skeleton work crew can maintain the standards that are expected at Victoria Leeds Shopping Centre

He has been super flexible with his working times throughout this period, and has been a credit to the business, and I feel this individual should be recognised for his achievements. At only 23 years of age he has shown great resilience and maturity in these difficult times.

I applaud that we can recognise these kind of workers, and I hope that Cory will be one of these individuals.

For his relentless and brave efforts in fighting Covid19 despite the risk of putting his family and loved ones in danger. Doctor Murat has devoted himself for the greater good of public.

Jacqueline is an amazing person – one of lives pure souls.
As many, she is a key worker managing 3 homes for adults with learning disabilities. Also at home she is a mum to a 18 month baby and step mum to her husbands 13 year old son (who permanently lives with them) and his 5 year old daughter who spends 50-50 time with them. Jacqueline lost her first two babies in awful circumstances – a ruptured ectopic in January 2017 and then gave birth to baby Oliver in sept 2017 . Oliver had Spina Bifida and other complications and was incompatible with life. I mention these two losses as I feel it is pertinent to why I have named her as my hero.
At this time of Covid 19 Jacqueline has worked tirelessly to ensure that the adults that are supported in her homes receive the best continuity of care that she can provide. Even though her young baby was long awaited and very treasured following her history, Jacqueline has been on call 24 hours a day to support staff at a difficult time and, at times to go in herself to cover shifts. She has continued to then continue full time in her managerial roll and has also established another much needed home for more adults with learning difficulties. All the time she has worked like this she has continued to be a fantastic mother to their three children – home schooling where appropriate and teaching life skills and respect. I know that at this time MANY mothers continue in the same way. However, I do feel that Jacqueline has and continues to go above and beyond any other key worker I have known ( and I was a midwife for 32 years and remain a key worker today) She is an inspiration to all who come into contact with her and continue to spread hope and joy to all and never stops smiling or complains about anything – a true hero!!!

Farmers Rob and David keep over 1500 people entertained every morning videoing life on their very busy farm. New lamb, foal, calves and piglets being born with the joys and sometime traumas of it. I am alone and this gives me a reason to be happy every morning and during the day. They have redeployed staff to work to keep the local people fed by keeping the farm shop open. The whole Cannon Hall Staff deserve this award. Life for me in lockdown would be very different without their 1 and half hour daily videos. I cannot thank them enough.

Elaine is an immunisation nurse working in the community providing vaccinations to all members of the west Sussex community from school children to the elderly and infirm. She had previously retired but rejoined the NHS to contiue this work and has been doing her job throughout this crisis exposing herself to risk of contamination at any time. She was not provided any PPE and has purchased what she could do give her at least some protection. she is in her 60’s and could be at home safe and sound but continues to go out everyday to continue to deliver this vital service which I think should be recognised.

They all volunteer to come and help build the field hospital at the SSEC Glasgow with out asking what and if they were going to be paid well done all from PFP Ltd for the effort.

Alice has tirelessly worked as an NHS nurse at Kingston Hospital and further has had to cancel her wedding to her policeman fiancé Michael. As a couple they are both on the front line, hardly able to see each other during these difficult times. I would like Alice to get the appreciation she deserves.

Mark has provided learning Videos through you tube to the Freespirit Martial Arts members whilst the dojo is closed due to COVID19. He has recorded and uploaded these in his own time and continued to offer lesson plans. Mark has completed live Classes through Zoom meetings where his students can take part at home to ensure our progression is not delayed due to the closure. For this he deserves a MY HERO nomination

Lucy is amazing and has been juggling working as a paediatric neurological nurse in a London hospital through these difficult times whilst managing the home and looking after her 2 year old son, Toby. This has included tough night shifts and staying in hospital accomodation away from her family. She is an absolute inspiration and is so brave – I’m so thankful to her and all NHS staff for continuing to put their lives at risk in order to help save others.

Craig had the unfortunate task of furloughing 18 out his his team of twenty cleaners.
Since this time he has made full contact with all the team on a regular basis to keep them fully informed of the fluid situation.

As a manager he has been a great help to me as I am the only cleaner left in a shopping centre of around 1,000,000 square feet. he has managed to proactively go back to his grass roots and help me keep the centre clean, and ensure that the security officers and retailers that are still operating are safe whilst working.

While still keeping the wider team informed and engaged, so that we do not lose any of our team

A true hero, and role model for us all

Jamie has been supporting Union Square Shopping Centre during this challenging time. His efforts have surpassed expectations and has continually delivered above and beyond expectations.
Jamie certainly is a commendable ABM Colleague.

Stephen has been supporting Union Square Shopping Centre during this challenging time. His efforts have surpassed expectations and has continually delivered above and beyond expectations.
Stephen certainly is a commendable ABM Colleague.

Miklos has continued to support Union Square Shopping Centre during this challenging period and has consistently delivered high standards of hygiene and presentation.
Miklos certainly is a valued ABM Colleague.

Paulina has continued to support Union Square Shopping Centre during this challenging period and has consistently delivered high standards of hygiene and presentation. Paulina is certainly a valued ABM Colleague with a commendable ‘can do’ attitude.

Gary has been working hard here at Brent Cross Shopping Centre keeping the external service yards clear at the back of our essential supermarkets that have remained open to provide food to the public during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Gary also looks after the bus station and other external areas and without his attention every day these stores would not be able to trade efficiently.

Well done Gary

Callen has been coming to work here at Brent Cross Shopping Centre and working so hard to keep the facilities and the malls lovely and clean for all of our customers who are visiting the centre to shop in the supermarkets and the pharmacy, without Callen being here doing what she is doing the place would not be so lovely and clean and welcoming for our customers.

Well done Callen

Mark has been working all the way through this coronavirus time, he is looking after the back of house areas and the bus station at weekends and is playing a vital role in maintaining our standards here at Brent Cross Shopping Centre and helping us keep our supermarkets and pharmacy open for the public.

Well done Mark

Abukar has been coming in to work here at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre to keep the facilities and malls clean and tidy for all of our customers, without his efforts and great work the centre would not look as great as it does for our customers who are visiting to shop in the supermarkets and pharmacy.

Well done Abukar

Robert is an internal cleaner at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow. It is a very big site and he is one of only 4 ABM Facility Services staff remaining on site.

George is an internal cleaner at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow. It is a very big site and he is one of only 4 ABM Facility Services staff remaining on site.

Thomas is a waste operative at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow. It is a very big site and he is one of only 4 ABM Facility Services staff remaining on site.

Colin is a Waste Operative at Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow. It is a very big site and he is one of only 4 ABM Facility Services staff remaining on site.

Staff at BREBUR LTD have spent the last 2 weeks working around the clock at the new nightingale hospital in Harrogate.

Staff at the company turned out on a Sunday with around 12 hours notice to start the project by building the partitions which form the hospital bays and other essential areas within the hospital.

Every one of the staff asked to attend did so despite the current climate of uncertainty and the risks associated with travel and attending work.

The construction industry has recently been criticised in the press due to a minority of sites not following social distancing guidance but it is rare that the people that build our schools, hospitals, infrastructure etc are given the credit they deserve.

For this reason I would like to nominate all staff at BREBUR LTD for this award as I believe it is truly deserved.

She works at A& E puts her life on hold working very long hours and still has a smile on her face she is also looking after her grandad who is ill.

Clare is a mature nurse qualifying only last year after a complete job change.She currently works at Coventry and Warwick Hospital where she is doing a fantastic job during this soul destroying time.

Caroline is a hard working, dedicated NHS nurse who is one of the most kind, caring and thoughtful people, not only to her patients but to her family and friends as well. She is always there with a word or advice and comfort when needed.

Richard is a Key Technical worker in Media.He travels into London on public transport most days putting himself at risk while bringing up two children with his wife Emily.
He deserves a medal

Annie runs a care franchise.Her office covers five teams of carers,visiting and working with the elderly and caring for them in their homes.Her areas cover Bromsgrove, ,Alcester, , Redich. Studley and Henley..She cares for her caring staff and has the responsibility of making sure that they have what they need during these challenging times.

This is to honour all the care staff at Home Instead Senior Care which enables older people to remain in home comfortable and familiar surroundings and stay connected to their local communities. The carers are dedicated wonderful people.Some one hundred of them visit homes in Warwickshire and look after vulnerable people.They themselves are taking many risks during this very uncertain and challenging time.

David runs a care franchise His office caters for teams of carers in Solihull and the surrounding villages.David has the responsibility if making sure that all his forty carers have what they need to look after the elderly and vulnerable during these most very difficult and sad times.

Travis Ferreira in the front-line leading the ‘Battle COVID-19’ under ‘Exterminators back to community initiative’ since 20th March 2020 to date.

Decontaminated and disinfected more than 25 elder’s homes in Sri Lanka (Over 300000 sq,ft) and doing its part to protect the most vulnerable individuals from COVID-19.

Decontaminated and disinfected more than 15 Police stations with over 5000 police personal (over 250,000 sq.ft) to date to help Sri Lanka Police to in return to help the community to fight the battle against COVID-19.

Decontaminated and disinfected the ‘Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo’, (Bishops House) and disinfected All Saints’ Church, Colombo prior to the Maundy Thursday Mass. ‘Exterminators – back to the community’.

These projects to protect the community was carried by Travis Ferreira and team risking their life’s against the fight against COVID-19.

Dr.Radha Krishnan is a Librarian in Anna centenary Library, Chennai, India.

He often helps the poor people by money and food.

So I nomimate him.

Ajith has been working here at Brent Cross Shopping Centre throughout the pandemic that is among us all, he comes to work every morning and cleans evrything in the centre so it is ready for our customers to come and but their essential goods from the supermarkets and their medical supplies from the pharmacy.

Well done Ajith

Dear all,
Hello, my name is Jeong-hee Park, and I work in the Environment Division of Bucheon City council of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
First of all, among these difficult times due to the Covid-19, I would like to send gratitude to council civil servants of Bucheon City as a MY HERO campaign including the Mayor of Bucheon city, Chang Duck Cheon, of their great devotion.
In Bucheon City, the first confirmed case of Covid-19 took place on 1st February 2020, and since then this city has established Disasters and Safety Countermeasures, and has been conducting 24-hour emergency public health strategies for the 780,000 citizens.
In order for social and facility prevention, all our colleagues had to make strategies and communicate with hospitals in our region. I would like to send a big thank you and honor to each and every colleague and for their family members’ support and service for the community amid this pandemic disaster.
Below remarks:
1. Transparent information disclosure in all communities.
Covid-19 exclusive notice board was opened on Bucheon city council website to inform and update, daily, number of matters concerning: number tested for Covid-19, confirmed cases, those treated and recovered, number in strict quarantine, disinfection, and guidance for the citizens where support can be attained from. 
Furthermore, the Mayor of Bucheon City has been reporting current updates on the social media and has been found favourable.
2. Warm considerations for those in self-isolation.
Daily essentials such as food and necessities are delivered to the quarantined individual and is contacted one by one, by their responsible council servant, three times a day to ask how they feel and if they have any symptoms or inconveniences.
3. Encouragement of social distancing.
All festivals, conference meetings and places where many people gather have been continued via online, and through wearing masks and location of hand sanitisers has been put to minimize the outbreak.

We are working for the citizens with brave hearts, that overpowers our honor as the Mayor of Bucheon City and as council civil servants of this city. 

In these reasons I would like to appeal to your campaign to encourage to us each other.
We will indeed overcome this pandemic together soon I pray.

The Mayor of Bucheon City, South Korea.

Vicki is amazing – she has been working on the front line at Maidstone hospital A&E department and is the first port of call in dealing with patients when they come in! She is an inspiration and always goes the extra mile helping her neighbours and reaching out to people to offer support and a friendly ear, thank you Vicki for everything you do! 🙂

Marion is a lovely person, Despite her own high risk health category, she is looking after an elderly neighbour for whom she shops and who she phones regularly. She is Chair of the Rotary District 1060 Youth committee and she also contacts other elderly people on the phone to cheer them up.

William (Liam) has been a key worker at Cabot Circus Shopping Centre during this challenging time.
Liam remains on-site whilst 40 of his other colleagues were put on furlough leave.
Liam has been working at the shopping centre since it opened it to the public in 2008 and has helped support many changes and innovations over the years and was pivotal in helping us achieve a ‘Gold’ Green Apple Award in 2018 for our food waste initiative on-site .
Liam is now only one of 3 people from the team that remain on-site and his work ethic and attitude is exemplary. Arriving to work each day as a key worker in these difficult times, Liam is full of energy and always happy and he has continually delivered above and beyond expectations. This has been noted not only by myself but also our client.
Liam is definitely my ‘hero’ as we strive to continue to deliver the best we can during this pandemic.
Thank you Liam for all your hard work.

Lennox has been a key worker at Cabot Circus Shopping Centre during this challenging time.
Lennox remains on-site whilst 40 of his other colleagues were put on furlough leave.
Lennox has been working at the shopping centre since it opened it to the public in 2008 and has helped support many changes and innovations over the years and has been key during some challenging times, especially during ‘Beast from the East’ where Lennox single handed came in to grit the centre through the night.
Lennox is now only one of 3 people from the team that remain on-site and his work ethic and attitude is exemplary. Arriving to work each day as a key worker in these difficult times, Lennox is full of energy and always happy and he has continually delivered above and beyond expectations. This has been noted not only by me but also our client.
Lennox is my ‘hero’ as we strive to continue to deliver the best we can during this pandemic.
Thank you, Lennox, for all your hard work.

Dr Chaundrhy made a decission to go back and help the NHS in any way he could .His duties extend to both being on the front line and also being in charge of his team on his ward. Dr Chaundrhys priority is to serve his patients with expertise, ,care ,consideration ,and humanity .He puts them above himself.

Jill is a fantastic lady ,She is always busy doing things for other people and organising events in her village .During this crisis she has been writing quizes for the village children and residents, and has been posting them on the village web site. The Crosswords keep the people occupied and are greatly appreciated.

Working As an ACP at Russell’s Hall Hospital helping all the Covid-19 patients and putting himself at risk.

Kathryn is totally inspirational in the work she does and always puts her patients first. She really does go above and beyond in everything she does and would just like her to feel as special as the person she is.

Anita is not just my sister she is Tutankhamen inspirational in the work she does as a career, she cares for every person with total dedication and love and I am immensely proud of her every single minute of every day.

Katherine is my niece who is workinng as a nurse at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Gateshead,. Each day she goes into work with the aim of providing the best care she can for the most sick and vulnerable patients on her ward and never complains about the trials and tribulations that she most surely come across.

An amazing mother thats still going to her carers job helping everyone, dropping off essentials to my sister, me and our families whilst caring for my gran and stepdad. A true super hero.

Has been identified as a key worker and has provided vital support to ensure the health, safety and well-being of staff still working within the Centre and also the areas in which the public still access for essential items.

Has been identified as a key worker and has provided vital support to ensure the health, safety and well-being of staff still working within the Centre and also the areas in which the public still access for essential items.

Has been identified as a key worker and has provided vital support to ensure the health, safety and well-being of staff still working within the Centre and also the areas in which the public still access for essential items.

Working for the NHS as a nurse in these uncertain times. Shes gone back doing a job she loves early as shes currently on maternity. Shes our hero.

I work for the Hales group in Grimsby and every carer there has always gone beyond and above for the services users but now more then ever they are there day and night for the service users ensuring they reassure them and support while the service users miss their families. I work with some amazing carers and staff at the Hales group in Grimsby

To all of the dedicated staff at the Fountains. For the selfless care and kindness they give to the residents and for supporting each other throughout these difficult times.

Not just through the Covid-19 but every single day, Rachael has been the most amazing manager any care home team could ask for! She goes above and beyond for not only the residents and staff, but for families and nurses too. She is the glue that holds our family together! The support she shows everyone constantly shines through the work that we do and love so much! The blood, sweat and tears she has put into being an amazing manager could never be described through words!! The staff and residents believe that Rachael is our Hero!

The team have maintained positivity and supported each other and our donors to continue to collect Blood, Platelets and Plasma.

Dr Ahmad Chaudhry is a Consultant Physician who currently works at Shrewsbury hospital. He is almost 76 years of age so is classed as a vunerable person. The chances of him getting infected with the coronavirus must be high. He is in charge of a ward dealing with coronavirus. He is always very keen to be helping others in their time of need. What a hero he is!

She is an amazing HCA working in ICU. She is a theatre HCA but redeployed in icu without complaints. She is wonderful, caring, compassionate and loving.

Catherine is a front line Covid19 nurse at Warwick Hospital working twelve hour shifts in both physically and mentally stressful situations.

Christine id dedicated to her carers who look after the elderly .She is doing sterling work in looking after and supporting the carers who are so important to our vulnerable people. .Keep up the good work and thank you.

Sudwan is a tireless dedicated worker devoted to her work ,the St Cross Hospital ,the town and the UK. She is an example to us all. .Always cheerful ,always a pleasure to meet in her professional life and in the community. She is a tribute to the NHS and her professional medical and paramedical colleagues.

The carers are looking after elderly and vulnerable people in their homes. The role that they are undertaking is so important in the=is unprecedented situation .They are working very long hours to ensure that their clients are cared for ,and they are putting themselves at risk. .They are very professional in their duties ,always have a smile and are willing to go the extra mile.

Lizzie works at Coventry University Hospital. respiratory unit .She is very brave and a hero giving help to all the covid 19 patients and putting herself at risk. She is a respiratory technician ,specialised in lung, breathing ,and sleep disorders. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Liz is a volunteer who has been helping those in isolation in Baginton village. She has been picking up shopping, posting letters, offering a friendly phone call and doing her best to help people whilst looking after her own young family.

For her sterling work at her majesty’s prisons and probation services.

For the hard work and dedication shown during the lockdown and keeping the school open for the keyworkers that need to use it

All our health care workers are heroes in their own right. My niece is a stenographer at Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport S. Wales. Her husband is a chef in the Royal Navy. They have 2 girls. Despite a very busy schedule, she ensures her parents have the essentials they need. In addition, I live in Cardiff – 24 miles round trip from her. She regularly checks that I have what I need. They buy it and drop it to my drive so that I can keep safe and remain in isolation. A very loving, caring, busy person who shares her precious free time doing things for others.

She is a nurse on the front line risking her life everyday to visit her patients in there homes, going above and beyond to make sure all her patients are kept safe and well.

This Team was recently thrown into the front line with two other Teams, to cover the Covid 19 Pandemic Emergency in the Halton Borough Area. Are duties were to the people of Runcorn and Widnes that were discharge from hospital back into the community, needing care and support. Without this Team’s support. some of these patients would have been left without care and social contact. I am very proud to be part of this Team and take great pride in the service we as a Team provide.

Carol has been quietly and diligently making and stitching masks, scrubs and scrub bags for our local NHS hospitals here in Belfast and also for members of her choir (St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast). God Bless you and may you be rewarded tenfold. From all your songbirds x


Faye is a care home manager who treats all her residents like family. If she gets a call in the night or any time of shift she will go to work. She has even cut holiday short when someone who was dying asked for her. Now she has coronavirus because shortage of PPE but she still did what was right for residents.

St. Armand’s care home is where I would like to go if ever it was necessary. Cannot fault the care and love that is there. From Harvey and Nicola to every member of staff I am so grateful.

Such emphany professional, and caring young man who works on the pain clinic and day ward Epsom hospital giving people injections for many conditions. He and his staff are exceptional and always make you feel relaxed I have been having injections for quite a while .
All patients think highly of him.

Tina has been and still is my hero ,my inspiration my star,my reason to keep sane during this difficult time .
I am 89 ,disabled with severe vertigo and other underlying health problems ,and live alone and feel very vulnerable.,
Lonely and depressed at times .Tina is like a ray of sunshine , she motivates me ,cares for me ,and goes the extra mile constantly .,her kindness ,patience,and caring make my life worth living ,God Bless you Tina.,my very special carer.

My wonderful husband has been a Support Worker with the NHS for over 25 years.Last year he had to cope with the devastating news that I have terminal cancer.After caring for me following brain tumour surgery he returned to his hospital to care for his patients some of whom have been infected with Covid 19.He has remained utterly professional and caring in his role whilst ensuring that as a shielded person I remain safe.He is one of the most caring people I have ever known and he deserves recognition for his strength,commitment and love.He is a fantastic Support Worker.I had the privilege of working with him when we first met initially working with People with Learning difficulties and now he works on the ward with adults with head and brain injuries.Our daughter and 2 sons have a fantastic role model in such a dedicated and caring man and I have a wonderful husband whom I would so love to be honoured by you.

As a key worker I commute to work using my Electric bike, which I leave at the local train station. last week my wheel was stolen from my bike, and I could not find any shop that was open to replace my stolen wheel. After trying dozens of places I stumbled upon this amazing social enterprise business that was trading throughout this pandemic- (The Bikes College Leeds)
I called them up to see if they could help me to source a new wheel for my bicycle. David the owner invited me to the unit to see if he could help. Once there I gave him my exact specifications, and he did not have one in stock, however to my delight he offered to order me a brand new complete wheel, and in the interim he made me a wheel from scratch with what he had in his stores so that I could at least rescue my bike, and continue to work- all at no charge. then two days later he called me to let me know my new wheel had arrived. the whole service from the whole team was amazing and the price was half of what I would have expected to pay for this kind of wheel – amazing team and a real gem hidden outside the city centre in Leeds – social enterprises like this deserve to be recognised, especially as they are serving the community like this – thanks a bunch guys

Stephanie and Louise normally organise events for disabled young people, careers and siblings. However, because of the lockdown they have volunteered to deliver meals on wheels to the elderly. They are also preparing meals for some of the people who are not included on the shielding list. This means they can keep a discrete eye on the most at risk. During their ‘spare time’ they are keeping the Cheshire Buddies allotment dug over and ready for planting when the time is right.
They’re working tirelessly, they really do deserve a medal.

Mum has to self isolate for 12 weeks due to ill health. She has maintained her happy, bubbly self throughout and is still thinking of others before herself.

I am nominating Tumursukh Jal, who is the Director of Ulaan Taiga National Park in Northern Mongolia, which borders with Siberian Taiga. Tumursukh has been working in conservation for more than 33 years. He was born and raised in a small town in the Darhad Valley. In 1987 after he graduated college, he worked as a researcher, biologist, and Director of “Khuvsgul Lake” National Park for over 20 years.
In the early 2000’s the discovery of significant amounts of gold and jade in the mountains surrounding the Darhad Valley kicked off a mining boom that threatened wildlife and the wilderness of Darhad Valley. Concerned about clean water, the health of wildlife, and the safety of their families, the valley people called Tumursukh to his home due to environmental situations that were threatening the people and the environment of the valley. Jal and valley people together fought for the protection of their home and created the Ulaan Taiga National Park. Tumursukh has been the director of the Ulaan Taiga National Park since it was established in 2012.
Ulaan Taiga National Park covers over 3.7 million acres, an area that is four times bigger than California’s Yosemite National Park, which has around 800 full-time employees, whereas Jal manages only 34 staff members total in Ulaan Taiga. It’s very challenging to Tumursukh and his rangers to patrol such a massive landscape with such a small number of staff, but due to Tumursukh’s dedication and leadership, Darhad Valley is blooming.
Throughout these years, Tumurskh covered 880,000km [547,000 miles] by car, 168,000km [104,400 miles] on horseback, 32,000km [20,000 miles] on foot, 5,600km [3,500 miles] on his skates, 750km [470 miles] on a reindeer and spent 5,400 days in the wilderness patrolling the parks.
We all are very proud of what he is doing for the next generation. He is a truly real environmentalist and our hero.

Flag of Mongolia

For guiding me through a period of anxiety and depression. She has taken time to reassure me and enable me to recover following the recent loss of three family members.

Paula has worked for the NHS for over 30 years as a nurse,midwife and presently as a children’s nurse in the community. Many of our friends have often said “every one should have a Paula”.She is always prepared to go the extra mile for patients, family friends and colleague’s. We are enormously proud of our very own Hero.

This carer made my mother’s stay at Heartly Green Intermediate Care home in Irlam, so pleasant. My Mum spent nearly a year there after breaking her leg 3 times, only home for 6 days in the year. Shannon, was bright, bubbly and cheerful, spent a lot of time talking to my mum, which made her day pass quickly. I had been unable to see her for 3 weeks due to Lockdown, but I know Shannon and her colleagues made that so much better. Unfotunately she passed away recently.

Without each other’s support + dedication to helping both patients and other colleagues I for one would have struggled to get through this.

Goes to work at the hospital every day as deep infection scrubber even when times get tough she keeps on going!

Sithesh is a small boy. He sang a Corono awareness song with his sister.

Please check the link.
So I nominate him.

Thank you very much sir

Srisha is a small girl. She sang a Corono awareness song with her brother.

Please check the link.

So I nominate her.

Vino Devaraj is giving food to poor people in this Covid 19 season.

Mananvilai sports & services club is his organization.

I nominate him sir.

Thank you very much sir

My wife is a senior staff nurse at Malvern hospital and i am very proud of her

Sarah Mutunga who works at Charlotte House Isleworth has supported Kit Perkins my mother in law who has Alhiemzers as if she were a member of her own family. She cares for Kit on a one to one basis and has supported her through many difficult periods but particularly during lockdown she has made a terrible time bearable by us knowing she is there to support Kit and us.

I would like to nominate all the staff at Kids Gone Wild for their dedication to the schools and children in the community, particularly throughout the Covid-19 crisis. They have continued to deliver environmental and outdoor fun sessions to the children of keyworkers within the hub schools throughout West Lothian. They have continued to create a sense of fun and normality while looking out for environmental issues in an unsettled time,including facilitating the planting project of 300 trees with the school children.

Nicola has been a hero to me and my husband during Covid-19 we cant get out as we are both self isolating due to my husband illiness . A few times a week not only does she bring shopping for us, she happily gets our neighbours food and always with a smile and often leaves us a bar of chocolate to cheer us up and to top of all this she makes weekly phone calls to see how we are coping . A true hero to us and all the other people she shops for.

Leon works at Bradford Royal Infirmary as a Driver / Porter, he has worked all the way through the Pandemic even though he has a family of four the youngest being six, with whom he spends all his free time. Leon and Andrea also look after her parents on a daily basis.
Well Done Leon

To thank the directors, manager ,and all the staff for all their hard work and support tgat they have given to each other and the residents.

I would like to nominate my husband, Dhayananda.
Dhayananda is a 64-year old Senior staff nurse, with a history of ill health including but not limited to: A triple heart bypass, type 2 diabetes, gall bladder removal and a number of stent procedures.

Despite this, Dhayananda chose not to retire at the permitted age of 60. He has continued to serve the public and is currently working on the frontlines of the covid-19 pandemic – as an A&E triage nurse at North Middlesex hospital.

He has a passion and love for his work and serving others; when not working, he has also now become a teacher for his young grandchildren during the lockdown. He’s an inspiration and his courage and determination make him my hero. Thank you.

I would like to nominate my niece, Jenna Thondee who works as a pharmacist at Royal Free University Hospital.

She is incredibly diligent and determined, completing a range of studies over last decade so that she can serve her patients as best as possible. During the covid-19 pandemic, she is working on the frontlines in the ICU department.

We are so proud of her and would like you to recognise her courage and service at the young age of 28. She will continue to be an asset to the NHS and our nation as a whole.

Working hard throughout this coronavirus outbreak while also being pregnant, until she was unable to work in the recent weeks, still always checking on people in the team to make sure there all doing ok even though she can’t be there to help us

Hannah is a single mum who works full time for the nhs as a surgical nursing assistant , as times have been so hard on the ward for the past 6 weeks her and Finley’s dad decided it would be best for him to stay with dad full time due to Hannah being worried she will bring the virus home. She only gets to see littleman on FaceTime when she is not working every hour at the moment covering sickness and staff shortness around the hospital! She is doing an amazing job and can’t wait for a huge cuddle of her son. She is also making a covid 19 memory box for Finley so when this is all over her and Finley can sit and look threw everything she has done etc and to look back in years to come! Absolute hero this girl is and still smiles and gives 100% amazing patient care to all of her poorly patients.

Nicola has been my rock throughout this covid-19. She is kind, supportive and always there.

Katherin is the energy café manager for CREW Energy.

Before the UK lockdown began, she was running CREW energy advice cafés in community buildings throughout south-west London, offering face-to-face support to those at risk of fuel poverty on handling debt, applying for discounts and grants, and adopting energy saving behaviours.

Katherin has spent the last few weeks coordinating a team, creating posters and energy advice leaflets, and training energy advisors over Zoom. All so we can offer a telephone service to support vulnerable people in our community with advice and support on paying their bills and topping up prepaid meters in self-isolation. She has so far built up a team of volunteers who can offer over-the-phone support from their homes in London, and other countries throughout Europe, to help people in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish when they need us most.

COVID-19 has forced us all to spend more time at home, using more energy and spending more money on our bills – sometimes on a reduced income. Katherin is working tirelessly to ensure everyone can access the help they need to combat this.

Hazel is a district nurse and has recently been off with covid-19. She is one of the toughest people I know and she is always there for others.

Elaine is one of our Directors of Nursing And she has helped oversee Silver Control from the start of the COVID pandemic. She has remained calm and faced every challenge thrown at her. She has supported every staff member and made them feel listened to. Elaine has had to deal with the whole trust and oversee distribution of staff, PPE, daily updates and government guidelines. I feel we have been well led and couldn’t have asked for a better leader

I am nominating Ashley for being a front line worker during covid-19. You do a hard job for very little recognition and never complain! Super nurse

Sharon changed roles and went back to work in ITU to help with the pandemic, after being away from ITU for 9 years. It was the most scary place to work in the present climate.

Myself and her dad are very proud of her and all her efforts of collecting toiletries for patients in hospital with no visitors at the moment too.


This man has been helping his neighbours who are isolating or shielding by sending them notes asking if they need anything. He is then collecting their shopping lists and delivering their groceries at their doorsteps. He does so much for everyone and deserves a massive appreciation.

David’s video’s for different sections of the NHS have been invaluable in keeping staff informed about Coronavirus, the necessary PPE required, the necessary safety requirements for each area of work etc. He’s done a fantastic job at information sharing, advising and offering appropriate reassurance to every section of the NHS. Hats off to him.

Farhan Wilyat Butt is from Lahore, Pakistan. The 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic was confirmed to have reached Pakistan in February 2020. As of 7th April 2020, the number of confirmed cases in the country is over 4000, with 429 recoveries and 54 deaths. The government authorities imposed lockdown to check the spread of COVID-19 in March 2020 and daily wage workers have been badly divested by the crisis.
Though lockdown is extremely necessary to control the outbreak, daily wage workers were facing hunger and financial constraints and many daily wagers had not earned even a single rupee in more than three weeks, and the Ministry of Planning estimated that 12.3 million to 18.5 million people will become jobless due to pandemic. Farhan decided to commence distribution of free rations to the families of jobless and deserving people.

He started collecting donations from the general public and commenced distribution of free rations as a lockdown relief. He scheduled a plan for distribution of ration bags (consisting of flour, cooking oil, beans, rice, sugar, salt, vegetables etc.) to deserving families in Lahore (Punjab), Karachi (Sindh), Tharparkar (Sindh), Chaman (Balochistan) and Peshawar (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

This ration relief project is completely based on public donations and free services of volunteers. The project was quite risky as he had to travel to different areas and locations for ration distribution and he could also get infected.


Man smiling holding a cerificate

Chris is in the British Army, he has been working through the lockdown and is my hero. The Army dont seem to get much recognition and they deserve it. Especially Chris.

My fiancé has been working through the epidemic with great will and professionalisms as a nurse. Helping many people in the community. She is my hero and many others.

My mam sharon works as a nurse giving chemotherapy she gies to work every day looking after patients. I am high risk so she looks after me at home and patients at work. Proud of her.

Sue is doing amazing work in the Covid-19 crisis . Not only is she shopping for the vulnerable she is collecting material and delivering it to people who are making scrubs.
Sue in non-stop helping in this time where we all have to pull together.

Massive thank you to my Twin sister Samantha Borthwick and her colleagues at the Nuffield hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne for all there donations of toiletries .. to help are unwell patients at NTGH… covid19 wards and also donated to care homes and patients really appreciated them due to no family visiting

You all have been Fanastic

I would love to nominate my Niece JULIE BORTHWICK for contacted company for donation to help our ill patients through this awful time at North Tyneside hospital
Julie was able to receive some Teddy Bear from Build a bear and Fenwick which have been a fantastic help and comfort to our patients …

Once again Julie while been on lock down at home you have managed to help us out

Massive thank you and the patients really appreciate

I would like to nominate my little sister Ranjit Kaur. She is a healthcare professional that works in the busy maternity ward of Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI). She has been working very hard during covid 19 period and personally dealt with patients that have tested positive. She has risen to the challenge and recently tested negative which was a huge relief to us all.

I love my sister with all my heart and despite this busy time for key workers she has still found the time to check up on family. She phones me regularly and took the time to wish my first grandson a happy 1st birthday. I really want her to be recognised amongst the countless others in the NHS and social care as well as keyworkers helping to keep our supermarket shelves stacked and our bins emptied. From lorry drivers to cleaners. My sister Ranjit Kaur is a one in a million hero for me and my family. Love you

Deborah is my sister and also a district nurse for end of life patients for many years , who works really hard at the best of times , she is a inspiration to everyone always got time for everyone always greets people with a big smile , which warms the hearts of all who she meets , she always goes above and beyond her duties more so in theses unprecedented times , when her shifts are done she is asking us all if she can help out with anything from shopping to making sure all our mental health is fine ,amongst many other things she does on a daily basis , all the family believe that this award would be truly fitting for her.She truly is inspirational.

For working extremely hard and with dedication during this Corona virus pandemic as a pharmacy dispenser in the local community.

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