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Thinking of planning an eco-friendly wedding? The whole process of organizing what is often known as the best day of your life can be daunting, and it’s no wonder that sometimes we use the term bridezilla. If you like to live as sustainable as possible, it can be challenging to figure out how to incorporate that into your wedding day. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can organize an eco-friendly wedding.

Stay in town

If you want to cut back on fuel emissions, one of the best ways is to organize your wedding close to home. While it may be exciting to travel, you’ll save money, and all of your close friends and family will be in the one place. Instead of everyone driving themselves, you could even consider hiring one bus to take everyone to and from the venue.

By having your wedding at an outside location, you can use the natural sunshine instead of lights. However, this isn’t always possible, as mother nature is often unpredictable. If you want to have an indoor wedding, try finding a venue and reception in the same location, to reduce travel between the two.

Choose eco-friendly stationery

It’s important not to forget the little things when planning your wedding. You can find eco-friendly wedding invitations, menus, and thank you cards that are all made from sustainable materials. Some paper materials can even be planted to sprout beautiful flowers, perfect for party favors. The possibilities are endless, and you can design everything to suit your chosen theme.

Say goodbye to plastic  

While plastic may be everywhere, it is possible to have a wedding without it. If you’re serving food, try to use reusable plates, cups, and bowls that can be washed. If you want something disposable, opt for compostable materials. One creative couple even gave everyone their own thrifted glasses to keep for the night and made sure they were all unique.

Source local food

Having good food can be considered one of the most important parts of the wedding, and going eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to give that up! Ask your caterer what’s in season, and try and source locally grown organic food. Many locals love to help out, and you can even work with a baker to create a cake from locally sourced ingredients. Not only will you be helping out the community, but you’ll be sure everyone is served the freshest food possible.

Take time to DIY


If you have plenty of time before the wedding, why not try giving DIY a go! With many
DIY wedding decorations to follow online, you can use thrifted items and things around the house to help create beautiful memories. Gorgeous floral centerpieces can be made with old bottles and jars, and you can even make your own wedding signs out of chalkboards or mirrors from your local thrift store.

Wear an eco-friendly wedding dress

If you’re looking for a new dress, many designers are coming out with beautiful gowns made of sustainable materials. If you don’t mind wearing another’s clothing, hit your local vintage shops, or ask your mum if you can wear hers! Remember, you can always speak to a tailor if you want something customized.

Having a sustainable wedding is possible; you just need to know where to start! Make sure you get everyone involved, as we can all work together to reduce our carbon footprints. Good luck, you’ll be walking down the aisle before you know it!