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 4 Reasons Why Customisable Calico Bags Are Kinder To The Environment

Everyone has always been in a battle to help save the environment as it’s getting weaker every day. People have been campaigning to save trees, recycle, and reduce plastic consumption. But, as unfortunate as it sounds, most companies still use plastic materials as their store packaging and bags as they’re cheaper to manufacture. While it may help them save a few pennies, it can be harmful to the environment.

People can help to save the environment by switching to calico bags. A calico bag is made from 100% cotton and is environment-friendly. If you’re worried about your company’s branding as it seems to be too vague for you, you can have it customised with your logo printed on it. You may visit sites such as Calico Bags homepage to see different ways to customise them.

While a calico bag can provide convenience and benefits to the consumer, listed below are the benefits of using one for the environment:

  1. Eliminates Non-renewable Resources

The use of plastic bags has never affected the environment positively, especially with those made with non-biodegradable materials. While most companies prefer to use plastic as it’s cheaper to produce, the calico bag will provide better service and even greater environmental effects.

When you use a calico bag instead of the traditional plastic bag, you’re helping eliminate the need to produce more plastic bags. The production of plastic bags emits greenhouse gases that could dramatically hurt the Earth’s atmosphere, causing climate change. With calico bags, you’re eliminating the need for plastic production, helping to save the planet and, hopefully, slow the development of climate change.

  1. Saves Trees

While some companies try to help save the environment by switching to eco-friendly materials, there’s still a little harm with using paper bags as it requires cutting down trees.

Since the world already has few trees left, it would be helpful if people would leave the trees alone. People should allow the trees to do their job by providing healthy air for everyone.

Alternatively, a calico bag will help provide benefits in terms of convenience and saving the world. With a calico bag, you don’t need to rely on papers that are only good for single-use. A calico bag is durable and doesn’t need people to cut trees to produce it, making it worth the investment.

  1. Reduces Landfill

Calico bags are reusable, unlike plastic and paper bags that you easily throw away after each use. What’s great with a custom calico bag is that people will often reuse it and refrain from using a plastic bag for their purchased goods. By reducing the need for plastic and paper bags, people aren’t just helping to lower the need to produce one, but they also help eliminate the idea of throwing them out immediately once they arrive home.

Additionally, since people are reusing your company’s custom calico bags, you can help promote your business without spending more money. They can bring your brand with them wherever they may go, making it a light advertising campaign.


  1. Saves Marine Life

Everyone knows that one danger marine animals go through is getting tangled in the plastic waste that humans throw out. People have already proved that the ocean is drowning in plastic. One of the causes of marine life danger is plastic straws and bags in the sea. This can tangle and affect every marine animal’s wellbeing, ultimately costing them their lives.

When plastic bags end up in the ocean, there’s a high possibility that marine life can get trapped in the bag. They could digest the plastic, or get into physical challenges and stress trying to get out of the bags. With calico bags, you’re helping to save marine life and reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean.


Saving the environment isn’t an easy task, and it doesn’t happen overnight. When you’re a business owner, it’s extremely difficult to eliminate plastic use, especially when it can significantly affect your profits. But, if you want to give back to the Earth, you can always start using cheaper customized calico bags and going green. Moreover, some people only purchase from eco-friendly companies to show support with saving the environment; a growing customer avenue.