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3 Ways Tesla Are Encouraging The Switch To Electric Vehicles

In being the leaders in electric car manufacturing, Tesla are making significant moves to get people onboard with their initiative.

In 2019, the Tesla Model 3 was the UK’s third bestselling car in August of that year, and things haven’t slowed down much for the company since. They’re constantly moving from strength to strength, committed to changing the way people drive forever for the betterment of the planet. How they’re doing it is to be commended also.


Therefore, here’re the 3 ways Tesla are encouraging that all-important switch to electric vehicles.

Pandemic Perseverance

Not every business has been fortunate enough to survive the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been an unsettling time, and there’s still a way to go before the fog clears.

Fortunately, Tesla have managed to persevere through it all, recording their fifth quarter in a row of profit from the sales of their electric vehicles. This highlights their commitment to their mission, and further demonstrates just how high a priority switching to electric vehicles is. It’s no longer a niche quirk that can be put off, but in many respects, an essential switch-up.

Of course, the only businesses that have remained open during the lockdown periods are those deemed as being essential. Car manufacturers have been able to make numerous online sales, but Tesla have taken things a step further with their own sales record. Ultimately, their success in troubled times sends an encouraging signal of how things are changing.

Allowing Other Companies To Offer Affordable Leasing Deals

Purchasing a state-of-the-art electric car is a significant expense, and while Tesla have experienced great sales figures recently, not everybody can afford to get onboard. Because of this, leasing becomes a viable option, helping people partake within their means.

Fortunately, leasing the Tesla Model 3 has never been easier thanks to companies like Vantage Leasing. Contract length and initial rental periods can all be adjusted online, and they are imbued with a Gold Trusted Service Award for their commitment to quality customer service. Quality service and stellar arrangements take centre stage here, allowing people to be more confident in the big change.

In the end, this kind of accessible engagement widens the margins as to who can keep up with all the latest developments in electric cars. It’s a flexible and accommodating arrangement for people in many different financial circumstances, and of course, puts further mileage on the mission for drivers to be all-electric in the forthcoming years.

Stylish Aesthetics

People like their cars to look nice, and for a long time, electric cars weren’t always the prettiest. At one point, drivers had to make a choice between driving ethically, or driving stylishly.

Then, the Tesla Model 3 came along, and changed the game rather significantly. Boasting rigid aluminium and steel structure, the vehicle continues to look emblematic of the prosperous potential of cars. Not every manufacturer can sell that ‘futuristic’ quality, but Tesla have gone the extra mile to craft something that truly catches the eye.

Because of this, that previous sense of ‘sacrifice’ has gone. Now, purchasing an electric vehicle from Tesla is solely a win-win scenario for the buyer. With no factors to hold them back or stall their decision-making, the sky is now the limit!

Supplied by Grace Murphy