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The Green Organisation is not just a membership scheme

• it is not just a body that plants thousands of trees to sustain the planet for generations to come;

• it is not just the organiser of three of the world’s most respected awards campaigns.

• Its prime purpose is to help others to follow leading examples of environmental best practice

• and to help the victims of environmental disasters around the world.

Overseas we have helped to:

• Provide fresh water supplies in regions where none existed

• Negotiate a Third World lighting system that will greatly boost the national economy

• Plant thousands of trees for sustainable jobs, food, independence and wildlife

• Supply flood defences in risk areas

• Deliver tents and bedding for earthquake victims

• Collect and ship toys for tsunami orphans

• Give recycled sports kit and equipment to emerging nations

• Recycle computers and mobile phones for the under-privileged

• Sponsor a new solar engine that is twice as effective as any competitor

• Support animal welfare initiatives

• Combat pirate trawler men taking the lives and livelihoods of native fishermen

• Develop a combustion engine add-on that increases miles per gallon

Now, what can we do for you?

All you have to do now… Click below on which level of benefits is most

appropriate for you,

Bronze Membership
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Gold Membership
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Gold member

Platinum Membership

Whether you choose to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze Member, you can demonstrate your commitment to the environment by achieving Platinum status.

Our Platinum Members retain all of the Gold, Silver or Bronze benefits that they are entitled to – but Platinum level gives you so much more.

  • You sign up for five years – but we only charge you for four.
  • But, best of all, you will be invited to a special ceremony in the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London to be presented with your membership insignia.
  • JOIN NOW to reap maximum benefit.