Author: Roger Wolens

Nissan X-Trail DCi 130 Tekna

My beloved Nina likes nothing more than a warm wallow with a magazine and good music. She is usually much less keen on family gatherings. But when she found herself heading to “Family Day” in the X-Trail, in the luxurious

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Mercedes Citan 109CDI Long Tourer

Like most men, the Citan comes in either Long or Extra Long variants. Being a person of simple pleasures I opted for the Long, it is also the most eco model at 112g/km CO2 and potentially better than 60mpg. Mercedes

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Scrambler Classic by Ducati

I am obviously regarded as a fashion pioneer by my friends and family. The Grunge, Metrosexual and Hipster movements owe a lot to my lead. I have shirts that were derided in the 80’s – and still are, I shop

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Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDI KX-3

Kia are an odd car company. They are odd in that they offer a seven year warranty across the range, not the industry standard three, they are odd in that they consistently put the customer first, hence why they are

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Volvo V40 D3

Do you drive a company car? Is it a Volvo V40? No? Then go and tell your fleet manager that he is ruining your life. From its release a few years ago the V40 has set new standards in safety,

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